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What is happening 

Readability (Human) users

How to interpret data?






What will happen 

Link environmental data to production. Learn from your data


How to apply autonomous responses



  1. Full service on installation and interoperability of sensors and software





Empowering regenerative ocean farmers with data-driven solutions

We empower ocean farmers by accelerating the development of kelp cultivation. by providing  high-end technology with kelp cultivatio. Togeter we engineer a better future for the planet and its resources.

Agora Connects provides hardware software connectivity security and tools for vast implementation of an IoT system

By use of machine learning and AI, for optimized decision making based on highly structured data and context. Real-time status updates.

Lighten the workload with automated processes.

Ensure the highest possible outcome by using resources efficiently.

Combine expertise of user with technology by bridging the gap between the physical and digital world.

Your existing monitoring devices are interoptable with our IoT solutions. 

Our IoT sensors are interoperable with existing industrial protocols.

Integrate your current industrial protocols with our IoT solutions

Our smart sensors are interoperable with current industrial protocols

Make industrial protocols interoperable with the integration of smart sensors

Integrate industrial protocols with smart sensors and have standardized remote access.

Gathering data to optimize support in the most efficient way

Smaller farmers can have the benefit of data from largere more p

Together we engineer a better future for the planet and its resources.

We connect the current workflow with high-end technology. By working together with kelp farmers, marine biologists and data scientists we close the knowledge gaps of kelp cultivation. 

The interpretation of data gives us knowledge. We create climate awareness by education, based on our findings.

Increased awareness of the impact of kelp enhances the demand for products. This is in favor of the supply chain and ensures economic benefits for farmers.

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