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Calm Sea

Agora Ocean Hub

A centralized platform for your ocean farming business


We connect the relevant data sources coming from satellite and in-situ observations

Farm design and characteristics

Meteorology and hydrodynamics

Marine ecosystem


Our Models

Using data is a critical factor in taking the next step for ocean farming. Our models will provide you with forecasts and alerts.

Move your cursor over each model to find out more.

Water quality forecasts and threshold alerts

Forecast water quality and set threshold alerts.

Carbon Flux Modeling

Track the carbon flows of the farm region.

Marine life


Follow fish and other marine life.

Nutrient-balance modeling and alerts

Access models of the nutrient flow in the farm region.

Safe operations forecasting

Forecast working conditions and determine when it's safe to operate.

Algal bloom forecast

Predict future algal blooms.

Biomass quantification and estimation

Determine the amount of biomass 

Want to know what data is available at your location?

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